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Role: Officer Macabee

Last spring, Anna was shooting for the horror film Minacious where she plays the featured role of Officer Macabee. Anna had lots of fun on this shoot and would  like to film more horror in the future. The film premieres at the end of September and Anna is looking forward to attending the screening. 


Role: Julie

Last summer Anna was shooting for this beautiful dramatic-comedic short with director Erica Miller and Roguegunners Productions this summer. The plot follows two siblings as they uncover their late grandmother's past. The Film is due to be released in the next coming months, so keep tuned for more information.

I Killed Solomon Reid

Role: Indigo Davies

Towards the end of 2021, Anna filmed for this fantastic mockumentary web-series as Indigo - a recovering gambling addict and who was also the sponsor of Solomon before he was murdered. The series beautifully explores the relationships Solomon had with the people in his life and how each one of them feels responsible for his death. Anna really enjoyed filming with Hypericum and has since worked on another production with them, Minacious.

Previous Productions:

TV & Film:
Mummy Mysteries - Princess Kiya - Blink Films (2020)
Padlocks - Alex - Popelei Theatre (2020)
Monstru - Diane - Dir. Harry Bailey (2023)


Little Shop of Horrors - Audrey II - Edinburgh Fringe (2016)

Sweeney Todd - Beggar Woman - Edinburgh Fringe (2017)


Antony & Cleopatra - Cleopatra - Arts Ed (2019)
ndorra - Señora/ Jew Detector - Arts Ed (2019)

Paper Swords R&D - Jess - Distracted Rat (2021)

A Little Rain in Monaco - Cici - Sober Riot Theatre (2022)

Chasing The Light - Madeleine - Glass Splinters (2023)

Before, I Talked to Shoes R&D - Muffy/Woman - Baron's Court Theatre (2023)

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